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Welcome to Mariner Guitars

Green Series of sustainable instruments

..........see the wood for the trees


We are proud to introduce our completely new range of eco-friendly premium acoustic guitars. Designed in Great Britain constructed from solid Paulownia wood, these instruments combine fine traditional design and craftsmanship with sustainable materials for a progressively green age.

The musical instrument industry has become reliant on the use of exotic tone woods from vulnerable and endangered species. Ever since our brand's conception, we at Mariner have been concerned about this and have devoted our efforts to producing a more environmentally friendly guitar.


..............see the wood for the trees!

Our quest to find an eco friendly alternative tone wood for building our Green Series guitar backs and sides led us into a close relationship with Paulownia. A strong, rigid and naturally straight-grained timber, Paulownia has a warm natural colour varying between blonde and light honey in hue. It is stronger than many traditional hardwoods, including Oak and with low moisture content; it has a high resistance to shrinkage and cracking. Paulownia is fast growing and sustainably farmed on plantations. It is indigenous to China and subsequently enjoys a very small carbon footprint as a raw material for production in its native country. It is ready to harvest in just 7 years, compared with 40 – 45 years for Mahogany. When the tree is harvested, it regenerates from the stump and rootstock, so it can be coppiced rather than felled. It can also be grown successfully with other crops for economic use of land. The tree has huge leaves that are very efficient at scrubbing CO2 from the atmosphere and as such, it is one of the most ecologically beneficial timbers to grow. Paulownia weighs in at approximately one third the weight of Mahogany so guitars constructed from it are lighter and comfortable to play over long periods.Maintaining a watchful eye on the green credentials of the guitars’ other components, Mariner has chosen to cut its fingerboards and bridges from Sonokeling. A related species to Rosewood, this timber is also plantation grown and sustainably managed in South East Asia. Our necks are carved from Nato (a.k.a. “Eastern Mahogany”) - a non-threatened hardwood and substitute for Mahogany. With no compromise our tops are constructed from readily available Cedar and Sitka Spruce. There is no fossil based plastic used in construction and for this reason we have chosen not to fit scratch plates as standard. Nuts and saddles are cut from bone.



Mariner Help for Heroes


Mariner donate guitars to Tedworth House - Defence Recovery Centre for wounded service personnel.

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